Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I was responding to this:


And I said.

Goodness me, I must contend that your rant proves you to be among the most witty, and insightful blocks of wood ever to bless a cobbler's studio.

Clinton never tried to ratify Kyoto, and even if he had, the reduction of greenhouse gasses would probably not have changed by now.

The people stranded in New Orleans desreve their fate because of their support of Bush? Well I know that Black support in Ohio got up to about 16%, but elsewhere it hoovers in the 5%-9% range. These people didn't want him! They wanted Kerry.

Oh and who was it who aproved disaster funds BEFORE the hurricane hit?
And who was it who offered to take over the evacuation of the city?
And who was it who left his "vacation" early?
And who was it who pushed the hand of the authorities to institute a manditory, not volunteer, evacuation?

Yeah. Block of wood. Probably balsa. It floats.


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