Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bedtime for Hugo?

Chavez states he will work to smash US empire

La Havana, Cuba, February 4, 2006 (Notimex).- Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez stated that the US government will try "hard to maintain the empire," but "we'll do everything we can to smash the empire.

"We're happy because of the maximum representatives for that killer government hurting us," Chavez stated during a speech in the Plaza de la Revolucion in La Havana. Cuban president Fidel Castro was there.

Because of things like this, some have asked whether we are going to go in and pull a "Panama" or a "Grenada" in the land of Ms. Universe.

I think Bush is more likely to act quickly and without UN interference because the percieved threat is here in the Americas. I find it quite interesting that the new golden child of Communism is rolling past China as an ally. He alligns himself with the spokes of the Axis itself.

The hanwriting that should be easy to see is that Chavez wants to be 100% at odds with the policies of the US. If that were not the case, he would not pick our three most hated international neighbors to build closer economic and MILITARY ties.

I think this means that Chaves wants to prop himself up to his citizens and to the world as the little guy who stands up to US power. He is making a grave mistake.

To have a stronger influence and be taken seriously as a democrat, he needs to develop more business at home. Treating Venezuela like Saudi Arabia, where the state owns the greatest natural rescource, suppressing it's people's freedom does not gain points with us.



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