Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Michigan Anti-Affirmative spin from WSJ

Opinion Journal adds some meat to the bones of this Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Victory discussion.

I agree wholeheartedly with their conclusions. The simple issue is that it is wrong to discriminate based on race. We all know that it happens, but codification of the immoral practice is not an acceptable way to remedy the situation.

Here are some excerpts:

The political and business establishments, pressure groups like the AARP, labor-union leaders, religious spokesmen, the professoriat, the major Detroit newspapers--all were opposed to MCRI...

opponents loudly claimed that the measure was misleading... "I read it," replied Ms. Alpach. "I understood it. I signed it. Now let me vote on it."

The initiative's opponents enjoyed a fivefold funding advantage, which they used to broadcast a series of scary messages

This thing passed because even traditional opponents from the left couldn't contort logic enough to support it:

as an editorial writer for the very liberal Daily Michigan newspaper has suggested. The campus "is starkly segregated. . . . We live in different student neighborhoods. We go to different bars on different nights. We join in different student groups. There are even separate Greek systems."

The Supreme Court has never said that universities are constitutionally obligated to institute "diversity" policies. Public universities are funded by taxpayers. And those taxpayers have spoken.

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