Saturday, September 10, 2005

Think You know your race? Think again.

The The US Census Bureau says that even if you think you are "American Indian, Alaskan Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, black, [or] white," if anyone in your history has lived in an area where Spanish is the predominant language, then you are a new race. That race is Hispanic. Welcome to Oceana.

Here is a little more to confuse you:

  • People who are Hispanic may be of any race.
  • People in each race group may be either Hispanic or Not Hispanic.
  • Each person has two attributes, their race (or races) and whether or not they are Hispanic.
So now, if a white person from Spain, a Native American from Texas, and and a Phillipino person from... well... the Phillipines are all seen in the same light, why do we waste time with this anyway?

Star Parker has a great column about it. The essenece of her thoughts are this:

The only reason why anyone would care about this is that the very odious attitudes and ideas that historically provided the rationale for discrimination and persecution have been transformed into platforms for political power, preferences and entitlements.

Shine Star, Shine.



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