Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's all about the Capitalism.

It must be true that analysts who dote on one subject are able to shed light on other subjects if only we as their audience will do some additional analysis of our own. In the debates about immigration, two opinions of mine have been formed in exactly that way. The opinions were formed before the 500,000 stormed the streets of Los Angeles, but since that does seem to be the theme for this spring’s punditry, I thought I would throw in my “Jack Handy’s”.

I have considered the musings of someone else on another subject, and developed ideas on a new subject that seem to be original. I’m sure someone has come up with this line of thought before, but I don’t remember anyone telling me about it.

For some time now I have enjoyed the columns of Mark Steyn. Since September 11, and probably even before then, he has amused me with his lava-hot wit, and an uncanny grasp of the situation the world is in. To put it simply, he has said that Europe is dying because they have not re-populated themselves, or, they have not had enough children to continue to grow. The same is true to a degree here in the US, especially when it comes to white people. And by now we have all heard that a shrinking re-population rate hits the blue staters even harder than us the sister-lovin’ inbred wing-nuts.

Wired Magazine has a feature called “Infoporn” where they make a graphic to illustrate the condition of the entire world related to some new subject every month. Well one month they made a graphic illustrating the level of youth in a population. No, no, no, I don’t mean the number of people who own an iPod, or who have a gold-front-grill. Their youth map laid out the worldwide topography based on the age of each country’s population.

Well speaking from my Cold War code book, the first and second worlds lean pretty old, and the third world… Pakistan, India, Africa, South America, well let’s just say that most of them were born after Reagan demanded the Berlin Wall be torn down.

All of this led me to one of the possible reasons why Ol’ GW has dang near ignored the issue of illegal immigration for the last 5 years. His thoughts could be that we need the influx of young people to compete with the population growth forecasts in other regions of the world. I mean, if Americans are dying off, isn’t it a good idea to try to replace them with younger, larger familied, death defying Latin Americans? Sure there would be some mild culture clashing, but as soon as they learned English and we learned to the “bachata” the rest was just spare change. It’s just a theory, but aside from the security issue, it could easily be the way to insure that we don’t just dwindle away.

My second idea hatched by listening to others talk about different issues is that while I am wholeheartedly in favor of democracy in Iraq, we could do well to spreads some capitalism here in the Western Hemisphere. We could start with Mexico and Venezuela. Just as a center for free market capitalism in the Arab Mid-east would light a torch under the oppressive regimes there, that same spirit would allow our southern neighbors to stay home and compete from there. I’m sure they would be quite happy to have our military might fight against the corruption rumored to be so deeply rooted in their politics and industry. That does not mean that I am ready to lend out our military. When they are done in Iraq, it would be nice to catch a breather.

The growth of capitalism in Mexico, though, would make it easier for us to weaken support for the next contestant in the Axis parade, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Not content with winning the Miss Universe competition on a regular basis, Chavez has done more to revive Communism in the last 5 years than anything Fidel Castro had done through the previous 25.

If only we could spread in Latin America, the rising tide would tip his boat right over. This would reduce our flood of illegals (aka trespassers) and provide more economic stability worldwide.

Again, these are just thoughts. And they’re copyrighted so… no, they’re not. Please paste and link as you wish.


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