Monday, February 12, 2007

You're no Abe Lincoln

Dr Wallace has been kind enough to remind us that Saint Obama is not alligned with the same party of his historic role model. The anointed Senator would not fit in today's Republican party. Well maybe with Chaffe, amd Snow, but not with the Conservative-AntiStatist mainstream which defines the party today. Over at Illinois Review he has a list of some Pioneering Black Republicans who held office to expand freedom.

Check it out Here.

The first commenter Hi-jacks the discussion by asking whether Lincoln would be a GOP'er today, but that should not be the question. Lincoln was the man he was in the party he was in at that time. The question should be whether Obama lives up to the Legacy. And the answer is no.

I commented with this:
Thanks Eric!
First off, I'm tired of all the Obama-love. Next - you are right for noting that "our black people are better than their black people" because we are. Not better as people, but better equipped to guide the nation because of our beliefs.

The Republicans you mentioned were people fighting for the expansion of freedom with policies that would bring freedom to more people.

Obama's policies do not expand freedom. The one he has been kind enough to tell us about is BarracK-Kare. Government-run health care will tap the nation's rescources and weaken future generations. Just as GWB was wrong on the Medicaid Part D, Obama wants to continue the wrong move by expanding to Medicaid Part Z, division S, subset R which will determine whether we use Bactine or Mercuricone when your 8-year-old skins her knee.

We have to beat the drum against his leftist momentum at every opportunity because so many will see a polished speaker who seldom says anything specific. This will pull people to his side. The mantra against him must be that Communism with a smile is still Communism.



At Wed Feb 14, 07:50:00 PM CST, Blogger said...

Thoughtful post, although I'm not sure I agree with it all. But for a war costing us $2 billion/day on people who are not Americans, this is the richest nation on the planet.

Why are we buying Iraqis band-aids and Mercuricone, and I, a long-time U.S. tax payer, have to "struggle" to pay for it a Wal-Greens? America needs to cultivate its own. The cost of not doing so could result in a level of poverty, theft and terrorism unlike any we've seen.

At Fri Feb 16, 08:10:00 AM CST, Blogger BeeJiggity said...

Well first off...
Thanks for Commenting!!!

While I agree that all has not been handled well in the execution of the Battle of Iraq, we must also be vigilant about our finances here at home.

While $2billion a day seems monstrous, it is only a pittance when compared to the cost we will pay for expanding Government-run health care. The battle of Iraq is only a temporary event. In the long run we can handle it, and it will most likely help insure our security by expanding our influence while suppressing the growth of Islamofacism.

Over the next decades, Medicaid part D will cost untold Trillions. And while there may be some health benefits, those benefits can be achieved through other means. Along with that fact, the cost of Government-run health care will far out weigh the cost of Iraq, while at the same time reducing our individual choices in the field of medicine, and medical innovation.

Thanks for Commenting!!!


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