Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I got this tripe from my cousin.

Dr. West explains how much smarter he is than you are. Oh yeah, and let's not forget. Bush=Hitler.

My cousin is cool, but this article from Dr. West is really just a lot of hogwash.

This is not discourse.

This is also not something that has not been happening.

This is politicizing a catastrophy, and it has grown from the knee-jerk reaction to any move made by the President. "It's all about the racist right," "It's all about the health care," "It's all about ignoring any progress."

What it's really about is being against Bush.

It is pathetic that someone who holds the equivalent of the bully pulpit for black America could only throw barbs at a man who has been in power for 5 years. The self proclaimed Marxist is happy to pile on when death comes. He says the message of conservatism toward the poor is that "you are on your own," (which is incorrect) and then loosely ties that attitude to the aftermath of the broken levees. There is no mention of the failure of any other entities. Clearly there is enough blame to go around.

The appropriate response comes from Armstrong Williams at TownHall.com. In one of the best statements related to the entire crisis, he says this:

On this point, I want to be clear. This notion that race was a factor in the
relief effort is not only dishonest, it is reprehensible. The reason why most of
those stranded in the Superdome were black is because two-thirds of the city’s
residents are black. In fact, much of the city’s local representatives are
black. New Orleans has a black city Council. They have black elected
representatives. They have black judges. All of whom failed to send any buses to
evacuate New Orleans’ residents before the hurricane hit.

There is more Here


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