Sunday, September 11, 2005


Kanye is the man on wax. I got his new "Late Registration" on the first day it came out. I love his sh!#. But when it came to expressing himself on air; "Telethon Freestyling" if you will, he made an ass of himself. No other way to look at it.

Everyone wants to say that the telethon was the right forum. I don't quite agree, but I guess a case could be made for that arguement. There are really two issues here.

1. Could he have been more effective?
2. Was his statement correct?

Yes and no.

When I first heard that tha' Kan-yiza said "George Bush doesn't like Black people" I just knew the statement was out of context. He has oratory skills, and would have had more to say than that, right? Well sorta. I saw his kukoo rant and lost a bit of respect for the guy. I give him a 'D' for delivery and a 'C' for the material. If he had to go 'off script' like that, it could have at least been coherent. Write it up before hand, and give some supporting statements. That would have made him look like more than just a stupid flavor of the month rapper.

I don't ever expect to hear about it, but I hope his mother smacked him for lack of preparedness. She's (or was) the chair of Chicago State University's department of English, Speech and Modern Languages.

If that's the way he's gonna be an activist, stick to da' beats.

His rant makes her look bad.

Bush doesn't like black people... Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Rod Paige, $15B in aid for the nations of Africa. Yeah, definding him with the same people is almost a cliche'. But so is saying that he doesn't like black people. The difference is that the defense is right, and the claim is stupid.

Watch, as Kanye makes an ass of himself.


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