Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wish for the best in France

I find it ironic that France now finds itself the target of worldwide media scrutiny for the exact opposite reason the US was under the microscope. We were too bold, they have been to soft.

The Euro-suck ups on the left always want to remind us of how much more advanced Europe is when it comes to race relations. When I was growing up, people would always talk about how progressive France was. They would use the example of Josephine Baker. She moved to France after being too popular too black, and too nude. Well She is probably disapppointed by their inaction today.

From the left I hear that these are just disenfranchised and discriminated youths, and from the right I hear that they are the footsoldiers of the Mujahadeen, ready to overtake all of Europe.

I think the right is right, but there is surely a bit of both. What I don't understand is how it is that it takes 12 days for riots and car-burnings to warrent curfews. I mean, What took ya so long? Here in the states, we value order. We'd have shot those kids after 5 days, and by day 12 we'd be back to fighting over Judge Alito.

Different Strokes for different folks. folks.


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