Friday, April 07, 2006

Would the Real Cyntiha McKinney Please Stand Up?

When I decided to look for pictures of C-MaK to compare her old and new looks, I thought they would be more difficult to distinguish than they turned out to be. Looking at them side by side, they seem to be the same person, but I knew what I was looking for.

The whole matter seems to have been blown out of proportions, (kinda like her new do... Bwwaaa hahahaahh. I kill me. Ha!)

I thought about it and decided that the whole incident was a mistake, but once it happened, she decided to ride it out and be defiant for a while so she could jockey for a better position in the hierarchy of Victimhood Claimants.

This incident, and her election loss a few years ago lets her be seen as a target of the "evil racist" right wing. Oh, yeah, the Jews hate her too. Just ask her.

She likes it that way.

Anyway, with all that conservative energy against her, she has got to gain capital among the moonbat left.

and again, she likes it that way.

What other serious person would accuse the president of allowing an attack like Sept. 11. Well it worked. We'll be against almost anything she says for years.

She likes it that way.


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