Monday, May 01, 2006

Two Faced Cop-out

In his review of the new film "Flight 93" reporter Joel Siegel tries to offer up an insightful quick-hit review by mentioning that the some of the cast played themselves, and that there was no happy ending, and no relief from the sorrow. He says it is sure to make his "Ten Best" for the year. Sounds like it is worth look. He then cops out. He just can't let himself state the conclusion he leads up to. He cannot recommend the film. I don't know why he stopped short. I want to say that is was his liberal, blood dripping heart, but I don't know this guy. I want to say that he hopes to balance his actual review against his Lib-Elite friends who think Iraq was invaded to defend 41's honor. He wants to have it both ways, and I'm calling him on it.

Yea, I decry "bull-$h!t" Joel, you wimped out. Here is the quote that jacks my head:
The screen goes black. And from the audience, no applause. Sobs. Real, deep, heartfelt sobs. That's why I can't recommend you see this movie.


What did he say about "Titanic," or about "Steel Magnolias," or "Fried Green Tomatoes," or "Schindler's List"... hell, what would he say about "My Girl?" AAAARRRGH! [control yourself, Bee--- it's just a goofo review.] Casablanca ends on a sad note, and it is the greatest movie ever made. How can you justify holding back a recommendation because it ties you to the moment it depicts? AARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

The motion picture is probably the most powerful, and influential art form ever devised, and when you get one that hits you the way an actual story hit you, it seems that a reviewer would want droves to flood the seats.

My gut reaction is that he doesn't want to recommend a vehicle that will help boost the approval ratings for the president. I have not yet seen the film, from the reviews I have come across (admittedly, less than 5) it does justice to the situation. Any film that offers an accurate depiction of the events of September 11 will remind us of the struggle, no make that WAR, we find ourselves roped into, and my right-wing paranoia leads me to think that Ol' Joel Siegel don't want none of that.

If you think you have the stomach for it, here's the review.

I don't recommend you read it.


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