Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hussein For DEM Ticket in '08

In 2008, for president, who can the left agree on?


Saddam, that is.

They agree that we supported him in the 80's.
They agree that April Gillespie told him it was okay attack the Kuwaitees.
They agree he was no threat to the USA.
They agree his nation is a sovriegn victim of the USA.
They agree that the invasion of Iraq was (and is) an illegal, unjust war.
They agree that the "illegal war" is for oil.
They agree that the Food for Oil Scandal is poppycock.
They agree that we gave him his wmd stock.
They agree he had no wmd.
They agree that Condi will continue the mission...

With that in mind they can all support One Leader for President in 2008...

(Thanky, American Digest.)


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