Sunday, April 09, 2006

March '06 - Safest Yet

I meant to Link to this earlier, but here goes:

When ranked by average casualties per day, the month of March 2006 turned out to be the least deadly for US troops serving in Iraq. That news comes from where there is a running toll of the troops downed and injured during their presence in Iraq since the US invasion.

I lifted this from the Washington Post:
Combat-related deaths during March numbered 25, declining for the fifth consecutive month.

That sounds like good news to the US forces IMHO, but about an inch higher in the same article, the tooth gnashing seems to be under way for the wrong reasons. Jonathan Finer the author, suggests that "a surge in killings of Iraqi troops and civilians writes that the overall death rate in the conflict is growing." Well if we are able to dodge bullets faster, and they end up biting bullets faster, doesn't that mean we have the momentum swinging our way?

Our goal (to the delight of the Very-Kerry types) has been to reduce our own involvement, and increase the involvement of the Iraqis. Looks like Ol GW wins again! (don't remind me of immigration, don't remind me of immigration, don't remind me of immigration)

Hat Tip: Scott Wickham Experience


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