Friday, February 23, 2007

DE don't need any thinkin' Climatologists!

I thought there was no dispute among scientists about whether human activity causes global warming.

Apparently Delaware's State Climatologist David R. Legates didn't finish off his Kool-Aid. He has had the crazy notion that as State Climatologist he could express his opinion on an (apparently) undecided climate-related topic, while at the same time mentioning that he was the official Climatologist for the State of Delaware. What a leap.

The Governor says, "no." The University of Delaware Assoc. Professor has been banned from mentioning his title anywhere he calls into question the existance of man-made global warming.

How does it make any sense that a state would have a person in such a nondescript position who must be put in check about one of the bigger lies of our day. The lie is not that humans are causing global warming, it is that the scientific community has come to an agreement that humans are causing global warming.
Doesn't science ask us to continue to question, hypothesize, exeriment, conclude, and repeat?
If there is a dispute about the methods of the outcomes, shouldn't we try to address those before claiming that the discussion is over?
The most illustrative part of the Delaware Daily Times article explaining this was this sentence:
"Similar dustups have occurred in Virginia and Oregon recently, as state climatologists there came under criticism for active "contrarian" stands on climate change..."
If you have been named State Climatologist, no matter how useless the title, you probably know the difference between a cumulus cloud and a barometer. Chances are good that you could even be called an "expert." I guess what we have here is another expert who doesn't really count,aka, an independent voice; isn't that what we are supposed to be supporting with positions like that anyway?

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