Thursday, June 21, 2007

George E. Curry Wants Amnesty---Too Bad

TO: George Curry
FROM: BeeJiggity
RE: Running a numbers game on Black America

No sir, given my unique history as the descendant of Africans who were kidnapped, enslaved, tortured and denied citizenship in the greatest nation on this earth I expect that anyone choosing to come here, at least follow the rules in place in order to become citizens. I don't expect trespassers to be given free reign to do jobs that my brothers and sisters did very well 15 years ago; do those jobs being paid under the table at an illegal rate of pay; expect the rights and privileges of actual citizens who either followed the rules at a financial and emotional cost, or fought for citizenship rights which are still in question.

Citizenship for them without returning to their country of origin paying fees, waiting for processing, and risking denial is unacceptable.

Work visas maybe.
Civil rights, maybe.
Come out from the shadows, maybe.

Staying here and being citizens, voting, serving on juries, holding elected office, coming and going without scrutiny? No.



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