Friday, November 21, 2008

Same-O, Lame-O-bama, lama, Ding Dong.

Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff (Clinton Retread)
Eric Holder, Attorney General (Clinton Retread)
Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (literal Clinton)
Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense (CURRENT BUSH OFFICIAL!!!)

At first I thought Obama was making safe, unassailable choices. Good centerist idea. Now I'm thinking that he can't really be about change with these people around. They are the same as yesteryear.

This is an example of why I didn't trust his brand of "change" in the first place. We don't really know about policy yet, but the people he is putting in place seem to be protectors of the status quo.

The selection of Gates is not yet confirmed, but would mean that GWB the idiot apparently did something right. I already knew that.



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