Thursday, May 04, 2006

Time for some BushBashing

I doubt that I am breaking any new ground here, but I'd guess that if 'Ol GW had been on the right track on his domestic policy (outside of tax cuts) his polling numbers would be much better right now. He's only gotten it right on the Judges, and that's only after he was smacked back to alertness on the whole Meiers fiasco. He's wrong on spending. He's wrong on borders. He's wrong on the prescription drug benefit. So let's kick him while he's down, and hope we can get him to wake up once again. This time it's the borders.

Of course the GOP wants to keep the House and Senate this fall, and I guess I want them to as well. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is just pride. I'd hate to see the Dems gloat over the victory, and then claim he's a Lame Duck for two years. Well, it is more than that, because where GW is just wrong, the Dems are treasonist.

Case in point: Immigration.

We're at a point where there's no distinction between legal and illegal. Bush wants to just let everybody stay where they are. This after five consecutive years of neglect when it comes to the US/Mexican border. If only we had some enforcement at the border during his tenure, then we would have an illegal population of under 10 million. We've got to respond. No, we aren't going to march in major cities. We have jobs, and can't afford to just walk out on them. Even for just a day. How, then, do we get the message across that we are fed up?

Well in July of 2004, I sent the RNC $25. I really thought they could use the money. Kerry hadn't been mopped up just yet, and I thought things were still a tossup. I figured every little bit helps; throw some to my guy. Since then their fund raisers have been steaked out in my mailbox. I sent back a couple of surveys, and I might have written another check. I don't really remember. The key here is this. When the noble Minutemen first set up camp along the border, I sent back one of the money requests with a note to get tough on the borders. I said I would send another check when they had done something there. Needless to say they haven't seen another penny since.

I'm really not happy about it. I'd rather be out the cash. Instead, I'm out the security and frustration level. Whenever I hear someone say that "ferners" will do jobs that Americans won't I get hot. Pair that up with black unemployment rates. Goodbye ferners, hello full black employment. Not exactly. I know many of us need to get new attitudes about work, but many of us don't. Illegal aliens lower wages for the low end. That's all there is to it. Them gone doesn't really give unskilled blacks jobs, but it does just seem right. I mean when the first name of your status is "Illegal" you might want to get a clue or something.

Look, I was going somewhere with this, and as I avoid work, I remember that I had a point. Here's the point. The next time I get a solicitation to contribute to the RNC, I'm going to send them one of these:

And I hope they get the point soon.

Sounds like LSB is up for some BushBashing too.
She's going a bit far for me, but it could be a good way to wake 'em up.


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