Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Big Whoop!

I heard the news last night.

I was disappointed in one of my heroes. I thought that he had fallen off the wagon, and was back to the oxy, or some other mood altering drug.


The reports didn't say what drug it was. If they had, you would not have posted the the same way you did. I am no sick freak, and now I know there will be a landslide of sexual inuendo jokes. Well let the games begin.

Until I found out what the "prescription drug" was,I was hurt. There was a time when, there was no light shining on the area he spoke of. He has ushered in an era where the Classical Liberal (Look it up - Try Wikipedia) ideology could be explained, and not just ridiculed. I understood, and agreed. I thought this would be another opportunity for the left to hold him up as a failed testament to the conservative ideology.


So many on the left dream of the day when you no longer have to deal with his dispensing of reasonable thought in the face of sheer lies. That day will come, but that day is not today.


Limbaugh Detained at Palm Beach Airport


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