Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another reason Why I'm a Republican.

But always conservative (aka classical liberal) first.

Here's the heart from Herman Cain.

"They can't keep waiting for the Michael Steeles, the Lynn Swanns to draw people," said Cain, host of a radio talk show in Atlanta and former chief executive of Godfather's Pizza. "You've got to go to the black voters, to the black community and say, 'We are pro-life. We believe in the Second Amendment. We are fiscally responsible.' You can't keep waiting for black Republicans to reach in. You have to reach out."

and here's the... the other heart. (Yes. I said that.)

In west Mississippi, Yvonne Brown is challenging an incumbent black Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District. She said minds do not change until people meet someone who is black and Republican.

"We know there are black Republicans, and we know Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were Republicans, but we don't see it," said Brown, 53, the mayor of Tchula, a town of about 2,300. "It's not immediately touchable.

"I'm out there. I'm touchable. It makes a difference."

Hat tip: the Dr. Eric Wallace, black Republican running for the State Senate in Illinois.



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