Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iran Sounds like the Left

I just read the first few paragraphs of the 8 page letter. No there's no surprise here. Iran sounds like the ranting cukoos of the left. It is Wednesday, and I am just getting to browsing over the letter from Ahmadinejad to 'Ol GW. I will write out these comments as I go through the letter itself, giving my full unfiltered initial reaction.

First though, my expectations:
I believe the Iran sees that there are dissenters here who are open to using propaganda from any source which opposes 'Ol GW, and I think the dissenters are the target audience for the writer of the letter.

I expect that this letter will be used by the left here in the US as an example of an olive branch offered to the "warmonger" in the White House.

I expect that the ideas in letter will be ignored by the White House when it comes to dealing with Iran.

See. I don't expect much to come of this. We know what they have, and what their intentions are, and we don't want them to cross that goal. They know this, and only want to shift the PR battle in their favor. Of course the left will oblige them.

He starts asking how a Christian could have attacked Iraq. Oh I get it! The hypocracy angle. Sounds like the left to me. But in his case it is an advantage for us to be weak spined. It allows the opponent to set the tone, and expect us to cower when they confront us. He quotes the debunked 100k dead in Iraq and weighs the price. Okay...

"on the pretext of wmd." yada, yada, yad....Oooh. Bit my tounge. Says the goal wasn't to topple Hussein, but to find the WMD. Nope. Not since Clinton. Our policy has been to end Hussein's reign in Iraq. Hell, he was shooting at our airplanes.

"Saddam was supported by the West." This sounds like a typical caller into a radio talk show. What is he doing, collaborating with Nancy Pelosi? If he's not, I can't see the difference between the two.

Guantanamo Bay----Secret Prisons----Occupation---- then again the Christian hypocracy claim. Where's the "Illegal Wiretapping" complaint? Isn't he missing something here? It sounds to me like those who would supply the opponents of the US with propaganda fodder have fed him well.

How is it that the leaking of these programs does NOT qualify someone as a traitor?

Surely he doesn't expect to persuade any American that Israel has no right to exist. Didn't we already cross that bridge? They're here, the're near, Get used to it. What the heck is this (PBUH) thing they keep putting after Jesus' name? Now after Moses' name?

Hello Wikipedia.

oh. That's rather nice. Really, I think it is quite respectful. They get points for that.

Thank you Wikipedia.

Now he says that the only time technological progress has been a crime was in the Middle Ages. Thus their persuit of nukes is in keeping with expected advancement. Sounds like the leftists upset with 'Ol GW for refusing to buckle under to the Kyoto Gods.

Chomsky, right?

...Quick kiss of Hugo's a55... non sequitor into the benign nobility of the residents of Africa, and the Christian Hypocracy thing again bla, bla, bla...


OKAY! He finally talks about Iran! And makes clear why it is that they should be wary of us. Well, that one I will concede. But it was the enemy of my enemy thing for us.

Oh, here comes the "Bush is too secretive" claim.
Oh, and the complaint about remembering that people want to kill us. Interesting that if we just forget about the whole Sept 11 thing, the "Blame America First" crowd would blame America if we are hit again.

"It is our fault for being weak, and looking like a target. If we had kept in the forefront of our minds the attacks of September 11 we would have seen this one coming," they would say.

This guy really is just a Democrat.
"The question here is 'what has the hundreds of billions of dollars, spent every hear to pay for the Iraqi campaign, produced for the citizens?' "


500 rhetorical questions on the role of a national leader.
Welcome to 7th grade.

It is ironic the way he continues to make religious references. ...So much hate speach... The US left, of course, loves that, but if someone in our government does the same, they have a cow.

Now the voice of the left reminds us that we all worship the same God. Well, I got news for you buddy. If the God you worship didn't take human form and die to clean your sins, then he ain't the same God. If Jesus ain't God, in your faith, then it ain't the same God. Close, but no cigar. That don't make you a bad guy or nothin, but it does mean the guy Muhammad speaks for is not the same guy Jesus is.

I am not very Bible savvy, but this one drives me nuts.

He reminds me of Farrakhan.

I'm not that stupid.

Thanks for playin'.

This is where he really brings it home to preach to the left:

"Liberalism and Western style democracy have not been able to help realize the ideals of humanity. Today these two concepts have failed."

The US left is still in love with communism, but when Iran says that the West has failed, the left thinks it means that communism is the next step. This is why we can't get anywhere with them when it comes to seeing Islamofacism as the enemy.

They hear an attack on capitalism, but fail to hear the support for a Caliphate.(Wiki Thanky) Anyone with half a brain knows that is what he is talking about, but since he knows that most of the left is welded to the attack against capitalism, or Western Liberalism, he knows they will go for the okey-doke.

By "Liberalism," he means free markets, and free people.

He doesn't like that.

Aint that a hint?



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