Tuesday, May 23, 2006

That's "Macaroni and Cheese"; Not "mac and cheese."

Joseph C. Phillips has a column on the releveance of Macaroni and Cheese.

Wonderful Subject!

It reminded me of my Aunt Jean. She had the ultimate recipe, and none other is fit so be served in the same room. As I understand it, my sister was given most of the recipe, but never the whole thing. She tinkered and dang near figured it out. Sometimes she gets it right. It happens often enough for us not to ask her to stop. Even when she is off the mark, she comes up with some of the best stuff ever drawn from an oven.

It is so peculiar that something like that is as universally seen as the mark of a great meal. With that being the case, I pose this question: Is it too much to say "Macaroni and Cheese" and leave the "mac and cheese" to the orange powder pasta?

Don't get me wrong, I hold the orange powder pasta in apropriate esteem. Without a doubt I had it more often than Macaroni and Cheese. We only got Macaroni and Cheese at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was revered food. The orange powered pasta, however, was a frequent Friday night compliment to the Polish sausage. Okay, it may not be the same deeply ingrained tradition as the beloved Macaroni and Cheese, but it was good on a Friday night. My sister and I used to stack them up into pyramids, and they reminded us of cartoon sticks of dynamite. So that's what we called them; "Dynamites."

Of course I was the king of cornball, so when I bit into the first forkful, I had to make the "BKAOWWWW!" sound. Aaaaah, just the memory.

Macaroni and Cheese. Dynomites. I'm really going back now.


At Tue May 23, 07:05:00 PM CDT, Anonymous KR said...

Wow!!!!! What a flashback. I can picture the orange walls what went with the powder and dont forget the paint pealing past time that got us in torouble a few times, that later became a part of the family fun!!! It's been years since thinking of that. As a matter of fact, I've never thought of it since. Funny how fond memories can fade. What a great big smile I have on my face. and for those of you that think there is better macaroni than our Aunt Jean, well ... you're wrong :)

At Thu May 25, 09:01:00 AM CDT, Blogger BeeJiggity said...

I think about the orange paint relatively often. It was strange that it would just peal off of the wall so easily.

Looking back, I can see that there wasn't any primer used. Makes sense now. But then it would just bubble up, and we would start t'pealin.'

At Thu Jun 08, 09:07:00 PM CDT, Blogger NSearchOfMe said...

Thought we were the only ones doing the mac and cheese dynamite thing... it seems a little cooler now.


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