Monday, May 22, 2006

You only get good news from the Right

While all political viewpoints offer criticism for the current state because of the desire to replace said state with their own suggestions, in today's political landscape, word of our achievements and victories are almost exclusively written by the Free Market Capitalists.

Here's another example by Michael Baron:

...we seem to be living by far in the best economic times in human history... But aren't we also living in times of record strife? Actually, no. Just the opposite. The Human Security Centre of the University of British Columbia has been keeping track of armed conflicts since World War II. It reports that the number of genocides and violent conflicts dropped rapidly after the end of the Cold War, and that in 2005 the number of armed conflicts was down 40 percent from 1992.

Now that doesn't have to remain the case, he says:

After our victory in the Cold War, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that we had reached "the end of history," by which he meant the end of any serious argument over what constitutes the best kind of society. That is disputed by the Islamist fascists, who have made it clear that they will do whatever they can to inflict harm on our civilization.

Entire Article is Here.


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