Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And now to complete the Tragedy...

Enron Captain Dies of Heart Attack.

A few questions come to me as I consider this story. One is political, and the other is more personal. First, I wonder what impact this has on the theory that 'Ol Kenny Boy is being sheltered from harm by his bud George W? I mean if there was a noose worth wiggling out of, this one was it. First he gets caught, then he gets convicted, then he DIES!!!

You would think a little clout from the Oval Office would have stepped in to save him at some point! I mean at worse case, maybe ol' GW is thinking that he should let the chips fall where they may, but after the conviction I would expect someone to smuggle Lay out of the country, and have him get off easy. If there was any clout from the Oval Office...

I guess this is the part of the story where the conspiracy theorists say that Lay faked his death to do exactly that. Well, maybe they got me.

The other question plays into my own little conspiracy theory, and it is this:
Did Lay kill himself? A heart attack just weeks before being sentenced to life behind bars seems a bit mercy-filled. I mean, at this point, life was over for him, and he had no real incentive to get a taste of life in Oz-superlight.

Well, that't my spin.


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