Friday, August 18, 2006

Hellzbollah's new publicist: Molly Ivins.

I understand that the comment was meant in jest, but the irony here is that there is so much attention being paid to the efforts of Hellzbollah in rebuilding Lebanon and we have been in the effort of rebuilding Iraq for years. In light of that, does Leftist Pillar Molly Ivins deem our effort as noble? Lets take a look...

In other news, we have the answer to a troubling part of the Middle East jigsaw puzzle: how to rebuild Iraq. We ought to drop Halliburton like a skillet full of rattlesnakes and get Hezbollah on the job. Did you ever see a better rebuilding bunch than this Hezbollah? The shooting hadn’t even stopped yet when the “Army of God” was hustling around with plywood and duct tape, putting everything back together. And who do they get to pay for it all but the Arabs. Now that’s what I call rebuilding!

Of course not. She throws blame at Haliburton, and makes Hellzbollah look good. How do they (the left) even claim to be on our side?

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