Monday, September 11, 2006

Luis Lopez Lived--- We are glad.

I have joined a project to memorialize the victims of the demons. I was able to find nothing on the victim I was randomly assigned. I found a note by someone who said she is his niece. On July 19 of this year (2006) she had this to say about him: (here)

He was my uncle
And he was a very good person
He married my aunt and my mother and him were very close
It was hard to deal with his death
It seemed to affect my mother most
She would drea
m of him
And cry so much
It hurt us all alot
He was such a good man
And it bothers me
That he died
For he wasnt a bad person
In Fact one of the best persons i have ever met
They did not find his body
But found his leg
I miss him very much
and love him alot
May He Rest In Peace
Infinite Love,

His name was Luis Lopez. He died because of our Freedom. Keep him in our prayers.

We celebrate the glory of his life. Though it has been unsung, we must remember to honor him with the same passion we honor those whose lives we know. Rest in peace, Luis.

This is a part of the 2996 project. We Celebrate the Victims.


At Sun Sep 17, 11:36:00 AM CDT, Blogger PARLANCHEQ said...

Hi BeeJiggity. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my 2996 post. I think 2996 really helped drive home the tragic human loss that day. Thanks to your post, Luis Lopez will be remembered.

At Mon Sep 18, 11:35:00 PM CDT, Blogger BeeJiggity said...

Thanks for visiting. Always welcome. I only wish I knew more about Mr. Lopez. Everyone else seemed to have more details available about them.


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