Tuesday, October 17, 2006

North Korea Boom!

Dennis Byrne says: Welcome Back to the 1950s

He has an article oulining our position against tinhorn dictators whose weaponry we want to neuter. He makes the appropriate points, but it really seems like there is nowhere to go but down.

If we're really going to be effective against these independent dictators, what means do we really have?

Here's the Upshot:

Diplomacy supposedly is the effective way to deal with threats and worse. Bush has failed, we're told, because he doesn't know how to do diplomacy. When he "goes it alone," he doesn't know how to do diplomacy. When he takes the multilateral approach, as he has with North Korea, he doesn't know how to do diplomacy. Of course, the criticism overlooks the fact that neither the bi-lateral diplomatic efforts of President Bill Clinton nor the multi-lateral approach of Bush has worked. Diplomacy first didn't work; neither did diplomacy second, third or fourth.

Where does it leave us? After withdrawing from the world's trouble spots, after disengaging from meaningful confrontation with the Kim Jong-ils and Mahmoud Ahmadinejads of the world, what weapons do we have remaining?

Doing nothing lets their threat gather.
Talks don't work.
Sanctions hurt, but they are a step in the right direction.
War is presently impractical.

Glad I'm not president.

(the photo is South Korean troops dismantling loudspeakers that had been used to boom propaganda at North Korea. Not the most effective way to overthrow a dictator. ) http://theseoultimes.com/ST/?url=/ST/db/read.php?idx=669

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Follow up questions on the Foley/Page deal

Mark Foley is an idiot creep who should have resigned, and deserves to be shunned.
That said, there are some interesting angles here.

1. In DC 16 is the age of Consent. Is it legal to hit on a 16 year old or not? If you are over 25 it is certainly not moral.

2. Seems that the page, Jordan Edmund, is now 21, and was 18 when this really happened. If that is the case, isn't this scandal in the same relm as the Clinton -Lewinski scandal i.e., an inappropriate relationship between an employer an employee. (see here - includes pix!)

3. Most media reports make little distinction between the e-mails, and the IM's. (Click the link!) The only strange part of the e-mails was a a request for a photo, but the IM's go into themes like levels of arousal, and methods of masturbation. Considering that the IM's were not distributed until Friday were the e-mails alone, enough to hang the Congressman?

4. IM records vanish into the ethers after the discussion, so who saved the transcript, and who held those records for more than a year???

5. This story broke just days after the deadline to file for a replacement candidate passed. Co-Inky-Dink?


In other similar news:

And who are the other gay Republicans under wraps?

And why are the Dems "outing" gay people? Do they think there is something wrong with being gay? Why not lay out all the cards on this?

Lets get into asking and telling!

Which reps/Senators are gay or bi?
I want all 635!