Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let's Hear it for the UN! (Useless Nexis)

From the esteemed Mr. Boortz:

It seems that Hezbollah had a bit of help in killing Israeli soldiers
during their five-week war. The help came in the form of nifty little night vision goggles found by the IDF. How many?

Try 250 sets found in a Hezbollah stronghold.
Now this may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but Hezbollah doesn't exactly have a manufacturing process cranking out these night vision goggles. The were made in England.

How, you ask, did they come to be in the possession of Hezbollah? It seems that
these goggles were shipped from Great Britain to Iran in 2003 under a United
Nations program to combat rampant drug smuggling in Iran.
So ... here's your chain of possession.

From Great Britain to the United Nations.

From the UN to Iran.

From Iran to Hezbollah.

Any questions?

Lie photo Lie

This from CNET shows a gallery of retouched photos intended to change perception. And like it or not, perception is not reality.


Illegal means "Illegal"

The city of Hazleton, PA passed a law which will impose stiff penalties on employers and landlords of illegal aliens, aka tresspassers. Let's remember that the key word here is Illegal.

In the WAPO story we learn that Hazleton has decided to take the issue seriously.

The act imposes a $1,000-per-day fine on any landlord who rents to an illegal immigrant, and it revokes for five years the business license of any employer who hires one...


[Mayor Louis J. Barletta] has received 9,000 favorable e-mails and has raised thousands of dollars for the city's legal defense on a Web site called Small Town Defenders.

Go Louis, Go!

As an aside, I see how some who support this illegal activity could draw a parallel to the past when small towns devised laws to keep black people out of their cities. This is simply not the same. In this case, Hasleton, PA has imposed penalties on activities which are already illegal.

There is no violation of civil rights, because the fines target citizens who provide support for illegal activity. These illegal activities are being commited by people who have no legal right to be in the country. There is no parallel here. Black victims of the past were citizens being excluded without relationship to whether they had already broken the law.

The struggle is not the same. We must restist those who say that it is.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Hellzbollah's new publicist: Molly Ivins.

I understand that the comment was meant in jest, but the irony here is that there is so much attention being paid to the efforts of Hellzbollah in rebuilding Lebanon and we have been in the effort of rebuilding Iraq for years. In light of that, does Leftist Pillar Molly Ivins deem our effort as noble? Lets take a look...

In other news, we have the answer to a troubling part of the Middle East jigsaw puzzle: how to rebuild Iraq. We ought to drop Halliburton like a skillet full of rattlesnakes and get Hezbollah on the job. Did you ever see a better rebuilding bunch than this Hezbollah? The shooting hadn’t even stopped yet when the “Army of God” was hustling around with plywood and duct tape, putting everything back together. And who do they get to pay for it all but the Arabs. Now that’s what I call rebuilding!

Of course not. She throws blame at Haliburton, and makes Hellzbollah look good. How do they (the left) even claim to be on our side?

Full Drivel


Anna Diggs Terrorists?

Why do I find it difficult to identify with the "Civil Rights Establishment?" It is because of incidents like this. This is just more proof that they have outlived their usefulness, and we're getting dimininshing returns. The "Civil Rights Establishment" is a very close relative to the counterculture movement of the '60s. What this means is that many of the people of that generation (CR) also have deep hostility against great institutions of the day. The favorite target, and ever-present source of all evil is, once again, the USA.

Anna Diggs Taylor has the esteemed distinction of being the first black American woman named chief judge of Eastern District of the United States District Court. She no longer holds that position, but still serves as a judge on the same court.

Anyway, this woman of great stature and groundbreaking abilities has ruled that the NSA wiretapping program, designed to defend the US against attacks by hostile non-state actors (Aka Terrorists), is unconstitutional.

The essence of this issue is that the monitoring of communications to and from foriegn destinations are part of the president's duty to defend us against outside attacks. No one in the US making connections to another person in the US has been target by this program, and until the story broke last December, none of the "Loyal opposition" complained about the program.

This is all just another case of people trying to weaken GWB. What they don't understand is that as they weaken him, they create loopholes for "evildoers."



Monday, August 14, 2006

No, I'm not dead yet.

Yes, I've been missing in action for weeks, but the good news is that my numbers at work have been flying high. That's probably part of why I'm not here too much.

My wife and I Vacationed in San Francisco/Sonoma Valley where we had some great meals, saw some big redwoods, and walked a lotta' steep, thigh-burning hills. I shot some nice photos, and these are just a few. We stayed at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental, where I saw Peyton Manning as I entered an elevator. ...Cool.

I wanted to simply claim my existance.

I will be opinionated again soon.

Thanks for checking.