Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dennis Byrne Is IN THE BUILDING!!!

Okay, yes, yes, yes, I am a nerd. But that's what this whole thing is about isn't it?

This morning as I gobbled my granola while listening to 'ol Bill Bennett, I noticed an Tribune editorial by a guy I hadn't read for years. He was a featured columnist in the Sun-Times during the mid 90's. Around that time the 'Times tossed me a mornin' paper gratis for weeks on end. It usually happened in the spring when the Bulls were making their championship runs, or in the fall when the... well nothing happened in the fall. Anyway, I think it was their attempt at the "puppy dog close" but they did it so often it turned into a case of me getting the milk for free. I never subscribed to the Times.

When I did read it, however, I always liked the sharp wit and original insights written in a column by Dennis Byrne. He always made me laugh or say "Damn, he got that right!" As time drifted on, Jordan retired (for real at some point) and the papers died down. I didn't see anything for Mr. Byrne years.

Stumbling upon him this morning, where he wrote an article for the Tribune about our post Kennedy habit of convicting every other Illinois governor, made me say "Damn, he got that right!" AGAIN! Then at the end of the article there was a listing of his current position as a Chicago area writer b'da, b'da, b'da... and his blogsite. Yes!!!

So I got excited, hopped in the shower and got ready for work then made some calls, and hopped on to his site. He could use some exposure, because he can really craft a word.

To be honest he was probably my favorite columnist (along with his late collegue Steve Neal) at that time, and has probably only been replaced by Mark Steyn (Chek da' blogroll) because I hadn' t seen anything from him.

Well now that he's back in the public eye, I'll be expecting a lot!

His Blog:
Dennis Byrne

Some of his columns:

Beatin' up on Da'Mayor

Sorry State of Illinois

Cowards We're not (Assessment on the WOT)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Minutemen enlist Help from San Diego

Homeless Advocate Ted Hayes wants to spotlight the fact that illegal immigrants are most likely to take jobs that black people did. They deflate wages on the lower end, and who is it already living on the low end? Oh yeah, black poeple. Maybe Kanye had a point. (Probably not.)

(CBS) LOS ANGELES Several black activists plan to join members of the Minutemen Project to protest illegal immigration, which organizer Ted Hayes touted as the "biggest threat to blacks in America since slavery."

The protest, organized by Hayes' Crispus Attucks Brigade and the American Black Citizens Opposed to Illegal Immigration Invasion, is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

Hayes, a homeless activist, alleged that most homeless people in Los Angeles are black and illegal immigration compounds the problem since blacks refuse to accept the "slave wages" that many illegal immigrants accept.

Many pro-immigration rallies were held in recent weeks; most of which, called for amnesty to the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants. Many Southland public officials, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, supported the protesters.

"While all Americans are suffering from this invasion, we blacks are suffering the most," Hayes said. "We feel like the leaders promoting this issue are being insensitive. This country wasn't built on the backs of immigrants like (Villaraigosa) says. It was built on the back of West African slaves."

Immigrant activist Nativo Lopez believes Hayes is out of step with most black leaders and that both blacks and Hispanics face the same problems.

"Unfortunately, (Hayes) thinks that way," Lopez said. "He has a right to express his opinion, but I don't agree with him. Many and most African American leaders think otherwise and we're appreciative of their support. I'm not interested in Latinos being pitted against African Americans," he said. "We are all in the same boat. We will pull ourselves up together."

The Minutemen Project formed by Jim Gilchrist, patrols the Mexican border. He may attend the protest along with other Minutemen Project members. Hayes said that Minutemen Project members have been unfairly portrayed as racist.

"I've been down to the border with them. They're not racist," Hayes said. "They don't care what color you are."

Da Link.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Racist Repkublicans? ...bore me again.

I am really tired of people telling me that the GOP is racist. We all are. Here is another proof of the truuf. From Right Wing News.

Let's See Just How Racist Conservatives Are By RtWingNtCase & xtremewing

I believe this is a first for RWN. An entire post culled together (after being cleaned up just a bit and adding links) from posts made by two people in the comments section.

Let's see just how racist conservatives are...

1. Emancipation Proclamation issued by...a Republican President.

2. Slavery abolished under...a Republican President and a Republican Congress.

3. Japanese interned under a, wait...sorry, that was a Democrat.

4. (Percentage wise), more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats. They must've had some ulterior racist motive of which only they were aware.

5. Affirmative Action implemented under a Republican President (Nixon).

6. First black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as first black Secretary of State, under a Republican President.

7. First black woman named as Secretary of State...under a Republican President.

8. Still, lots and lots of KKK members in Congress are part of the Republican Party. mistake again - Byrd is the only one I found (and he's a Democrat).

9. Republicans oppose the school choice and vouchers that the...majority of blacks support. Oops, my mistake again - Republicans support them while Democrats oppose them.

10. Well, at least the majority of blacks are pro-choice, right? Nope, most

11. Well, at least most support gay marriage. Sorry, my mistake again. Once more, Republicans are more in line with majority black views than Democrats.

12. Republicans throw Oreo cookies people running for Congress. Darn, that's the Dems, too.

13. Republicans enacted the Jim Crow laws. Nope, wrong again.

14. Republicans are racist because the Democrats say we are. That's about as close as I can get.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Black College Athletes Graduation Rates Rise

Good News: Black athletic graduation rates are up since 1984.

Surprise News: Black College atheletes graduate at higher rates than black students in general.

Non-Surprise News: Black women fare better than black men for jocks and geeks alike.

Surprise News II: Black Female graduation is nearly 20% higher than white male graduation rates.

I'm happy to hear the good news.

Here's the story.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis of LSU not going pro.


Send in the Bricks

Seems that there is a campaign to send bricks to congress in attempts to show support for building the Great Wall of Texas. Good!


I'm not about to try to mail a brick, but my Congressman, Bobby Rush, may get a brick delivered to his local office. Delivered by hand, not thrown. I will resist that urge.

Hat tip: (Michelle Malkin)

Hussein For DEM Ticket in '08

In 2008, for president, who can the left agree on?


Saddam, that is.

They agree that we supported him in the 80's.
They agree that April Gillespie told him it was okay attack the Kuwaitees.
They agree he was no threat to the USA.
They agree his nation is a sovriegn victim of the USA.
They agree that the invasion of Iraq was (and is) an illegal, unjust war.
They agree that the "illegal war" is for oil.
They agree that the Food for Oil Scandal is poppycock.
They agree that we gave him his wmd stock.
They agree he had no wmd.
They agree that Condi will continue the mission...

With that in mind they can all support One Leader for President in 2008...

(Thanky, American Digest.)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Detroit To follow model of Reagan?

After making a few suspicious moves as mayor of Detroit, it seems that Kwame Kilpatrick "The Hip-Hop Mayor" of Detroit may have decided to make some moves in the right directions.

In an article by Josh Hendrickson at Tech Central Station, we find that the mayor is leaning toward privatization in attempts to cut the fat and keep the budget in line.

I wonder whether that means he will be looking toward school vouchers any time soon???

Here's the skinny. Form your own conclusion.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I cannot hire as I cannot fire.

That's from a Bloomberg report on French employment laws. People want the benefits without the costs. Consider this; if you are bad at your job and get fired, it is the employer's way of staying in business which makes the other jobs at that business possible.

As someone putting up the capital to make the business run, private employers have to be able to pull the plug when they see their investment going the wrong way.

That's not the case in France. Cheque this out.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

21st Century's Best Stock Quarter Yet!

Quick Gist:

"the S&P 500 scoring its strongest first-quarter gain in seven years"

Faltering economy huh?

Hat tip: Right Makes Right

U.S. Rose More Than Forecast in March

Monday, April 10, 2006

Re-Taking America

The Nation Of Aztlan

This is a video of people who want to turn part of the US into the mythic land of Aztlan. It reminds me of Black Nationalists who want to grow a nation of their own. The common factor in both movements is the political scourge of the 20th Century; Communism.

Why do commies tell blue colar people that they should try to leave the current system? Don't they see that the path from there is only the "Road to Surfdom?"

In this case, however there is no reason to try to address the issue. There are parts of the US that were given to us by Mexico. That battle is over. You can't have it back.

Some people aren't working with a full deck here.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

March '06 - Safest Yet

I meant to Link to this earlier, but here goes:

When ranked by average casualties per day, the month of March 2006 turned out to be the least deadly for US troops serving in Iraq. That news comes from where there is a running toll of the troops downed and injured during their presence in Iraq since the US invasion.

I lifted this from the Washington Post:
Combat-related deaths during March numbered 25, declining for the fifth consecutive month.

That sounds like good news to the US forces IMHO, but about an inch higher in the same article, the tooth gnashing seems to be under way for the wrong reasons. Jonathan Finer the author, suggests that "a surge in killings of Iraqi troops and civilians writes that the overall death rate in the conflict is growing." Well if we are able to dodge bullets faster, and they end up biting bullets faster, doesn't that mean we have the momentum swinging our way?

Our goal (to the delight of the Very-Kerry types) has been to reduce our own involvement, and increase the involvement of the Iraqis. Looks like Ol GW wins again! (don't remind me of immigration, don't remind me of immigration, don't remind me of immigration)

Hat Tip: Scott Wickham Experience

Friday, April 07, 2006

Would the Real Cyntiha McKinney Please Stand Up?

When I decided to look for pictures of C-MaK to compare her old and new looks, I thought they would be more difficult to distinguish than they turned out to be. Looking at them side by side, they seem to be the same person, but I knew what I was looking for.

The whole matter seems to have been blown out of proportions, (kinda like her new do... Bwwaaa hahahaahh. I kill me. Ha!)

I thought about it and decided that the whole incident was a mistake, but once it happened, she decided to ride it out and be defiant for a while so she could jockey for a better position in the hierarchy of Victimhood Claimants.

This incident, and her election loss a few years ago lets her be seen as a target of the "evil racist" right wing. Oh, yeah, the Jews hate her too. Just ask her.

She likes it that way.

Anyway, with all that conservative energy against her, she has got to gain capital among the moonbat left.

and again, she likes it that way.

What other serious person would accuse the president of allowing an attack like Sept. 11. Well it worked. We'll be against almost anything she says for years.

She likes it that way.

Conservative Blacks Love Black People

Cynthia's Interests asks:

If you are Black and Republican, is it a Party requirement to automatically have a disdain for anything that represent or remind you of Blackness?

Quite contrary to the line pushed by the victimology aristocracy, we do like, and even love black people, and we know we are black. If we didn't how would you know by reading our websites?

Racial disclosure is not something required. It's a choice.

Look at the blogrolls of the Internet's conservative opinion makers. Usually you find links to other black Conservatives, and often links to black Leftists!!! Black Pride meets Free Speech!

Though we consider our conscious choices to often be more important than our born-in-skin-color, we recognize that our skin color played a role in where we are today. We also see the fact that others with our same skin color are often in sad positions. The issue here is that we think the best way to address the issues of blacks, and others, is to face them by putting our best foot forward and do the most we can do on our own.

The left seems to want to blame someone else, or demand apologies, or beg for favors from others. While we must balance the politics of leveraging our interests and using available advantages, we should not force others to help us because of their guilt about what was done against us. We must be able to pedal our talents and virtues based on our talents and virtues alone. Only then can we leverage those assets into demands for more from others.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's all about the Capitalism.

It must be true that analysts who dote on one subject are able to shed light on other subjects if only we as their audience will do some additional analysis of our own. In the debates about immigration, two opinions of mine have been formed in exactly that way. The opinions were formed before the 500,000 stormed the streets of Los Angeles, but since that does seem to be the theme for this spring’s punditry, I thought I would throw in my “Jack Handy’s”.

I have considered the musings of someone else on another subject, and developed ideas on a new subject that seem to be original. I’m sure someone has come up with this line of thought before, but I don’t remember anyone telling me about it.

For some time now I have enjoyed the columns of Mark Steyn. Since September 11, and probably even before then, he has amused me with his lava-hot wit, and an uncanny grasp of the situation the world is in. To put it simply, he has said that Europe is dying because they have not re-populated themselves, or, they have not had enough children to continue to grow. The same is true to a degree here in the US, especially when it comes to white people. And by now we have all heard that a shrinking re-population rate hits the blue staters even harder than us the sister-lovin’ inbred wing-nuts.

Wired Magazine has a feature called “Infoporn” where they make a graphic to illustrate the condition of the entire world related to some new subject every month. Well one month they made a graphic illustrating the level of youth in a population. No, no, no, I don’t mean the number of people who own an iPod, or who have a gold-front-grill. Their youth map laid out the worldwide topography based on the age of each country’s population.

Well speaking from my Cold War code book, the first and second worlds lean pretty old, and the third world… Pakistan, India, Africa, South America, well let’s just say that most of them were born after Reagan demanded the Berlin Wall be torn down.

All of this led me to one of the possible reasons why Ol’ GW has dang near ignored the issue of illegal immigration for the last 5 years. His thoughts could be that we need the influx of young people to compete with the population growth forecasts in other regions of the world. I mean, if Americans are dying off, isn’t it a good idea to try to replace them with younger, larger familied, death defying Latin Americans? Sure there would be some mild culture clashing, but as soon as they learned English and we learned to the “bachata” the rest was just spare change. It’s just a theory, but aside from the security issue, it could easily be the way to insure that we don’t just dwindle away.

My second idea hatched by listening to others talk about different issues is that while I am wholeheartedly in favor of democracy in Iraq, we could do well to spreads some capitalism here in the Western Hemisphere. We could start with Mexico and Venezuela. Just as a center for free market capitalism in the Arab Mid-east would light a torch under the oppressive regimes there, that same spirit would allow our southern neighbors to stay home and compete from there. I’m sure they would be quite happy to have our military might fight against the corruption rumored to be so deeply rooted in their politics and industry. That does not mean that I am ready to lend out our military. When they are done in Iraq, it would be nice to catch a breather.

The growth of capitalism in Mexico, though, would make it easier for us to weaken support for the next contestant in the Axis parade, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Not content with winning the Miss Universe competition on a regular basis, Chavez has done more to revive Communism in the last 5 years than anything Fidel Castro had done through the previous 25.

If only we could spread in Latin America, the rising tide would tip his boat right over. This would reduce our flood of illegals (aka trespassers) and provide more economic stability worldwide.

Again, these are just thoughts. And they’re copyrighted so… no, they’re not. Please paste and link as you wish.