Monday, November 27, 2006

What a Dumbo

To die for your beliefs is worthy.

To kill yourself on purpose is stupid.

Malachi Ritscher burned himself in protest over the US involvement in Iraq.


The best news is that nobody noticed. I'd like to make this blog entry count as negative publicity, but since there really is no such thing, I will settle for calling him stupid.

Darwin in action.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today's problem with Immigration

The simple answer is that we need people who will benefit us. We have no obligation to provide benefit to those who simply want to come here. We should match immigrants with our NEEDS. Not our wants.

That means reducing the scope of family tied prioritiy when deciding who gets to come in.

We can only sustain ourselves if we are able to continue to progress.That won't happen if we continue to let isolated Mexican anclaves grow. The people we admit must be able to sustain themselves.

To say this and much more even better, read this article from CityJournal.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Amnesty Bad idea for GOP

Over at RightWingNews, Mr. Hawkins has some insights for why it would be suicide to suppport amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in the United States today.

Aside from the fact that they have shown no respect for out borders, the J-Hawk says:

It's short an sweet. Check it out!


Friday, November 17, 2006

I think you can screw Mike Tyson

Tyson's gonna be a hooka' at Heidi Fleiss' brothel for women in Nevada. That, at least, is the latest story hittin' da net. Maybe it's real, maybe not. Who cares?

The important part is the spin. So here, you go:

A commenter at the Moderate Voice said that this harkens back to the day when Joe Louis became a greeter at a Vegas casino. Really too bad.

See the difference is that before Joe Louis became a greeter, he was respected as a groundbreaking hero.

Tyson has always been one step above an alley rat. This is quite fitting for the animal to be put out to stud.

My only question is: What type of woman wants to take the chance of picking up a phat beatdown from ol' Iron Mike?

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Habeas Corpus for YOU!

Airport Arrest Turns Up Nuclear Info

(Cyanide? Who carries Cyanide?)

A man was arrested at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after officials say they found him carrying more than $78,000 in cash and a laptop computer containing information about nuclear materials and cyanide.

Sisayehiticha Dinssa, an unemployed U.S. citizen, was arrested Tuesday after a dog caught the scent of narcotics on cash he was carrying, according to an affidavit filed in court. When agents asked him if he had any cash to declare, he said he had $18,000, authorities said. But when agents checked his luggage, they found an additional $59,000. When they scrolled through his laptop, they said they found the mysterious files.

At a court hearing Wednesday, Dinssa was ordered held in custody until at least until Monday at the request of prosecutors. Assistant U.S. Attorney Leonid Feller argued Dinssa was a potential risk to the community and federal agents want to get a warrant to search his computer more thoroughly, The Detroit News reported Thursday. U.S. Magistrate Donald Scheer approved Feller's request to detain him.

Dinssa, who is from Dallas, arrived in Detroit from Nigeria by way of Amsterdam and was headed for Phoenix, Feller said. He is charged with concealing more than $10,000 in his luggage, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, the Detroit Free Press reported.

A message seeking comment was left Thursday with his lawyer, Leroy Soles.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Michigan Anti-Affirmative spin from WSJ

Opinion Journal adds some meat to the bones of this Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Victory discussion.

I agree wholeheartedly with their conclusions. The simple issue is that it is wrong to discriminate based on race. We all know that it happens, but codification of the immoral practice is not an acceptable way to remedy the situation.

Here are some excerpts:

The political and business establishments, pressure groups like the AARP, labor-union leaders, religious spokesmen, the professoriat, the major Detroit newspapers--all were opposed to MCRI...

opponents loudly claimed that the measure was misleading... "I read it," replied Ms. Alpach. "I understood it. I signed it. Now let me vote on it."

The initiative's opponents enjoyed a fivefold funding advantage, which they used to broadcast a series of scary messages

This thing passed because even traditional opponents from the left couldn't contort logic enough to support it:

as an editorial writer for the very liberal Daily Michigan newspaper has suggested. The campus "is starkly segregated. . . . We live in different student neighborhoods. We go to different bars on different nights. We join in different student groups. There are even separate Greek systems."

The Supreme Court has never said that universities are constitutionally obligated to institute "diversity" policies. Public universities are funded by taxpayers. And those taxpayers have spoken.

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Numbers say Immigration Is Key.

Illegal Immigration is the Key issue to winning back the house.

If only GWB and the losing GOP Hse Members had danced with those of us who brung 'em.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

DESIREE COOPER: Prop 2 reactions fairly upbeat

DESIREE COOPER: Prop 2 reactions fairly upbeat

With the passing of Proposition 2 in Michigan, there will be no more race-based affirmative action in Michigan.

My thoughts on this are quite simple, and the article above has the views of some others who agree with me. First off I think that race-based decision making by public officials will always be suspect. Now in Michigan, that problem no longer exists.

I have always felt that there should be criterion beyond race which should be used to uplift people who are out of the access loop. So many times it is said that AA in education is used to help poor blacks get their first generation into college. Well if education is such a necessity (and it is) why limit that access to blacks? Shouldn't everyone who is poor get the same consideration so we can bring the people from "worse to first?"

The other confusing part of this for me is that the city of Detroit is in Michigan. I don't know the specific figures, but I do know that blacks make up a majority of the city. If that's the case, how does it measure up when calculating the presence of minority business?

I think that is a bit of homework I just gave myself. (Don't expect it to be completed any time soon.)


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld out?

That is what Rush just said.

GWB has a press conference at Noon Central, and he said that this would be the point of it.
Holy shit. Wouldn't this have been a good idea in the summer? We could have spun it as the great apology the left wants so bad. Finally, tangible recognition that there were mistakes, and we are going a new way.

Not a new DEPLOYMENT. A new way to win in Iraq. If there really are going to be some new tactics used in Iraq, why could we not have used that information BEFORE we lost the House? I'm about to get mad around here.

UPDATE: damn.

Here's the new guy. Former CIA Director Robert Gates.

Now it is time to Lead...

Okay Dems, you got the spotlight.

Whatcha gonna do with it?

It seems that everyone agrees on how to deal with Iraq --- Let them stand up as we stand down. Aka the GWB plan.

Apparently there may be some revenge... (here)

I can't wait to see the results of the investigations into things like:"

No bid Haliburton contracts. This one could really pose a problem, and I happen to be as suspicious as the left on this one.

Who "forged" the documents from Niger which said Hussein sought enriched uranium from them? I expect it to blow up in their faces.

Ya gonna investigate the "lies" leading us to WMD claims in Iraq? Please open that can of worms and hang yourselves.

Ya gonna investigate the wiretapping procedures? Well then, how are we going to find out about ne'er do wells who want to blow us up?

Ya gonna investigate the oil profits in the last two years? Have fun making fools of yourselves again. There will be no smoking gun here.

Lotsa stuff to look forward to .

Oh. it hurts.

They did it.

We lost it.

Why? Too much moderatin'. Not enough Conservatism.

A few guesses on my part:

1. The Left only saw the Battle of Iraq as a stand-alone item, and spun it that way all day long. If there had been a successful effort to tie Iraq to the inaccurately named "War on Terror" the results would have been different. Iraq is a battle we may have just lost.

2. The Right was ignored on Immigration. In my estimation, the issue to fire up the base with some crossover appeal was the area of illegal immigration. Banning gay marriage was used and seemed to work well enough in 2004, but if in stead,the issue had been immigration related, there would have been crossover appeal, without losing the patriotic "evangelicals."

3. Bush allowed his fear of the nebulous "Health Care" issue back him into a position where he passed the Medicaid prescription drug benefit and at the same time promised a budget breaking benefit which only pays lip-service to the issue. The key here is "Budget breaking."(The affirmative direction he should have taken on this issue was to create an atmosphere where groups of individuals could band together and buy health insurance at reduced rates. That's what big business does, right?)

4. We all forgot to focus on the Judges. Alito and Roberts need friends. Quite unlikely to happen now.

There are other reasons, but these matter a great deal.

Oh, and watch the way we treat a loss. We won't be bitchin about recounts. We lost. We'll deal with it like grown-ups.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Just Gotta See THIS!!

93% 0n RottenTomatoes Can't Be wrong!!!

Opens Friday.

*No milk will be permitted in theaters for fear of milk-snot laughs.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OpinionJournal - The Western Front

What happens if Michael Steel Wins?

The Dem Death Grip on Blacks in the US is weakened. This article paints details on the landscape.
OpinionJournal - The Western Front

Here are some key points:

In part that is because early on in the primary fight Donna Brazile, who is black and who ran Al Gore's presidential campaign in 2000, warned Democrats not to push Mr. Mfume out of the race lest the party be seen as taking African-American voters for granted. Mr. Cardin won the early backing of his party's establishment and was never able to overcome the perception that he was committing the very sin Ms. Brazile warned against.

If Mr. Steele does win next week, some credit will belong to Gov. Robert Ehrlich. Four years ago Mr. Ehrlich tapped Mr. Steele to be his running mate. The governor has led a fight to fix failing, predominantly black Baltimore schools.

[Mr. Ehrlich] ...met with Mr. Mfume, views him as someone he can work with, and would like to see the Democrat elected as the next mayor of Baltimore.

King makers coming from the right in the northern cities???

Look out Dems. Your days are numbered.

UPDATE 11/5/08 - Well, maybe not. Quit gloating already.


YouTube - RNC Ad - Apologize

Hot Dang that boy looks dumb.
YouTube - RNC Ad - Apologize

He says he was referring to the President. Well if that was true, he would start by apologizing for mis-speaking. He hasn't done that.

He meant what he said. Anyone who serves in the military is an idiot who did poorly in school. He uses the words "get smart" and then says that those in the military are the opposite ofthe words he used --- essentially they are still dumb.

We dodged a real bullet voting against this fool. Because of this remark, he will never be a serious candidate for president again.

That is a status he deserves.